Saturday, February 4, 2012

A travers vos propres yeux...

J'ai cherché une image belle et inconnue mais j'ai trouvé bien le contraire.

Elle n'était pas exotique ni célèbre ni belle, mais plutôt ordinaire.

J'avais envie de voyager afin de voir le monde à travers les yeux d'un autre.

Mais en cherchant ces vues idéalisées j'ai trouvé simplement la nôtre.

Je vous suggère de m'imiter : regardez n'importe où et puis faites une pause.

Soyez silencieux. Il faut écouter votre coeur et votre esprit pendant qu'ils causent.

A le moment parfait prenez une photo avec les lentilles de vos propres yeux.

Imaginez-la en blanche et noire et puis en rouge et bleu.

Marchez un peu, cent mètres au maximum et puis répétez ces étapes de nouveau.

Vous avez le pouvoir de changer le monde en imaginant avec votre cerveau.


  1. These are all really interesting shots. It took me a second to realize that there was a train in all but one of them because I was so attracted to other elements, but I like the fact that I had to search for them. It emphasizes the idea of looking at things from a different perspective. Your text fits very nicely and provides a good "thesis" to the essay. I really like the circles in photos 5 and 7- it makes me think of a rising moon and it's a neat connection between the two. The shot of the warehouse (?) with the door is my favorite. Its composition is strong, and the variations in the paint provide a lot of visual interest.

  2. I appreciated these photos for the cool angles and for the overall aesthetic appearance of the trains/train yards. What I particularly enjoyed was the fact that, although trains were a main theme, the photos didn't necessarily focus on them; they were, at least to me, something of an afterthought, a background element. One thing I may have done differently is that I would have chosen either black and white, or color, or sepia (probably color, but that's a personal preference). I think that, as a fairly cohesive set of photos, the choice of a consistent color theme (or, I suppose, the lack of one, in the case of b&w) would be another element that brought everything together. Great job.