Sunday, January 31, 2010


My photos are exploring the world of students' part-time jobs. I sometimes find it ironic how we spend our time in college, while in pursuit of these lofty, far-off goals. The person seated next to you in class may one day be a world-famous author or physicist, but right now he or she is working at Wendy's or as a custodian in the Marriott center. I took photos of student workers, T.A.s, and teachers and asked them what their career goals were. I tried to use different ways of visually representing this idea of a far-off goal, and the perspective that we, as students have to have to ultimately become what we want to be.

He is a geologist.

She is a surgeon.

She is a teacher.

He is a chemical engineer.

He is an entrepreneur.

She is an author.

She is a librarian.
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  1. I really like that picture of the chemical engineer, excellent choice for B&W. I like your theme as well, its like seeing someone the way God views them vs the world. ;)

  2. I love the colors and lighting in the picture of the author. It is a beautiful photograph.

  3. The two in black and white are a little out of place...but I like the perspectives you chose

  4. I like the feeling of boredom in the subjects while they wait for their 'lofty goals' to come to pass. Or the girl that seems trapped amongst students. That is why the picture with flowers to me stands out - it seems too happy.

  5. As mentioned in class, the first photograph is an excellent choice and a great starter for your photo essay. A little more unity in the essay would have helped fortify the idea.

  6. The theme is great - this is something that engages me as the observer and ties me to your subjects. Apart from the technical issues we discussed in class, I think you did a great job of tying in the idea of students in the process of being and becoming.

  7. I really like the captions under your pictures. It is nice to realize that people in menial jobs can have bright futures.

  8. Overall I love the composition and "action/expressions" in the photos. Your chemical engineer photo, yes WITH the b/w, is my favorite. The b/w and contrast change really make it pop to me, and of course the actual language he is writing in is cool too. Good work. Maybe you could brighten the light levels overall, or work to make them all seem a little bit more sepia toned, older feeling. I like it.

  9. The first photo is amazing, especially under the context of the title of the essay. I absolutely love it. The long stretch of tv's really accentuate the whole idea of perspectives. I think this idea was achieved, albeit to lesser effect, in the two last photos as well: The row of lights and the strong lines in the restaurant, and the low depth of field and blurred foreground in the last photo, all these things are effective at expressing perspectives.