Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pizza possy

Pizza runs America! I thought of no better place to encompass small trades than a pizza ria. If you think about it, no matter what town or city you are in, big or small, you will find a pizza parlor.

I took these picture in more of a "candid" style because I wanted to express the feel of working in a pizza ria and what all goes into the pizza we all stuff down our faces. That being said, these pictures show the development of how a pizza takes form before it is placed on our tables.

It all starts with the taking of an order.

A tiny dough ball must be turned into a flat pizza. This isn't as easy as I make it look.

Sauce is placed in the middle and spread with the ladle to make sure it is spread evenly over the pizza

Until around 2002, the cheesing was still done by hand. Now this machine helps out.

Toppings are placed on ever so delicately

On the other end of the oven, a beautiful pizza emerges

At the end of the day, there are a lot of dishes to do, though most people do not think of this as part of working at a pizza parlor. The expression of my wife shows you how exciting this job can be...


  1. haha, they definitely look they like pizza. ;) Your post definitely tells a story, great job. ;)

  2. Definitely a fan of the home-boys, *especially the one on the left ;) ahem....anyways, nice series. Very real, very clean shots.

  3. The title is good, but the caption should portray the people shown as members of the posse and their possible aliases and roles in the posse. You used lots of different angles and the color of the uniforms always adds contrast and interest to the images. Use more cropping to get down to the heart of what you are trying to communicate. Delete the extra space at the end of the post. Photoshop the photos to make the light and color levels in them similar since they are all in the same environment. Nice.

  4. I agree with Dirk about cropping. I also agree that the title of the essay didn't correspond much to the photos; the essay was more about the making of the pizza than the people. I think color is your strong point on this essay. They're all really vibrant and interesting to look at.

  5. I liked the photos for the most part but I think the whole essay focused to much on the pizza itself instead of the people. I would have liked to see a deeper look at the individuals themselves instead of the pizza.

  6. Good story. As I already told you I like the shot of you throwing the pizza with the sign 'perfect crust is a must' in the backgraound