Monday, March 1, 2010


Confessional... There was a rumor circulating around the French House that the boys in Apt. 390 each had a crush on me. I was curious and so I used this project as an excuse to step out of my comfort zone and find out the rumor was true or not. Goal: Have each of them confess their feelings to my face. Limitation: They had to bring it up on their own. It was a lot easier than a thought it would be. The confessions were made in degrees and some sooner than others. In the end as a constellation I decided that they could interrogate me to see what they could find out.

Tactic # 1... "Survey "
I had to include a disclaimer at the top of my made up survey from the "Department of Family, Home, and Social Sciences." It said: "This is a survey conducted by the marriage and family life department. It is crucial to gaining an accurate sample to improve the validity of our project hypothesis. If our hypothesis is true, it will be published in April. Thank you for your support. We collect names only as proof of people actually surveyed. The names will be submitted to our supervisor but won't be published if the hypothesis passes. Thank you for your cooperation! Please answer the following questions honestly and truthfully. Thank you!
Here are some of the questions that were on the survey:
What kinds of characteristics do you look for in the opposite sex? (List at least 5)
What are your interests? (List 5)
Is there someone in your ward you'd like to go on a date with? Y or No
Do you feel comfortable with the dating process at BYU? Why or Why not
If you date a celebrity who would you date? (Please indicate 5)

Confession # 1:
Gabriel wanted a girl with "dirty-blonde hair," and "6'0 ft. tall" (my hair color and height)
He also said there was someone in his ward he wanted to date (He winked at me and laughed)

Confession # 2: Brigham repeated the phrase "blonde cendré, blonde cendré" which means "dirty blonde" in French. (That same day when I came in he and Gabriel argued that I definitely wasn't brunette, but dirty blonde). Then he wrote down "Keira Knightley" as his number one celebrity choice ( he says she's my look-a-like).

Tactic # 2: Declare the survey false
I went out on a limb and decided to tell them the survey was false. Why? Well because I needed to take their pictures somehow. And I knew if I came over and said I wanted to take all their pictures after just having surveyed them all then they'd know I was up to something. It was tough, I was really convincing. They all had believed the survey was for a friend's research project. They were eager to know the results. I even left a stack of survey's of other girls on their kitchen counter, so they knew it wasn't just for them. Then I killed it.

"Hey you guys, I gotta tell you something, the survey was false." Their eyes got so big. "NO WAY!" Gabriel said, "man I thought you were honest; me Abraham, both put that on our survey" (Maybe a 3rd type 1 confessional, there?) And then followed the first Confessional that opened up the door, "You used to be our favorite, you know." And Derk chimed in, "yeah, but not anymore!" I played ignorant "did you say I was your favorite." They also just kind of smiled and laughed. "Yep." Boy that was easy. Well this was for a photo project, I explained. And now I really just needed some photos. How about your best bachelor photos? So they each did something to show me their love in their own way.
Type 2 Confession 1: Gabriel read me a sultry poem, "Tonight I can write the Saddest Lines" Although it was a love poem, he emphasized how heart broken he was that I lied to him with the survey.

"I can write the saddest poem of all tonight
Write for instance: "The night is full of stars
and the stars, blue, shiver, in the distance."
The night wind whirls in the sky and sings
I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.
I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.
On nights like this, I held her in my arms
I kissed her, and sometimes she loved me too."

Type 2 Confession 2: In characteristic Brigham style, he left the room and came back dressed in a muscle shirt and carrying hand weights. He worked out for me about 5 minutes or so.

Let's just say WORDS are not his forté. He asked me afterwards, "Lindsay, do girls like guys with muscles?" Yes, we do Brigham.

Type 2 Confessional # 3: Derk on the other hand wrote me an awesome love song.

"She carries gold in her gaze
In her light
Dreams crumble cold, made of seems,
Set to flight
If hope is just a word
That we have made to conquer death
If time is but a cross On which we hang in regret
Then how is it such beauty can be explained?
For thus it seems to be
And as such it remains gold in her gaze
In her light."

Type 2 Confessional # 4: Abraham, "chef de la maison française", made me a delicious pancake.

Tactic # 3: Jealousy
Derk seeing Abraham making pancakes, started heating up pizza for me. Then Gabriel started making herbal tea for everyone. They were already on track to forgiving me completely for having lied to them.

Tactic # 4 : Self Interrogation
I gave them complete free range to create their own survey for me, only I limited it to 8 questions. They were thrilled with the chance to get revenge.

Here's there questions :
1.How many boys have you kissed?
2.Why don't you like Derk?
3.What are the characteristics you look for in the opposite sex?
4.What do you like best about each of us?
5.Who are your top three guys in the ward, you'd like to date?
6.Your Favorite honeymoon place?
7.What makes you the most sad?
8.Why did you go on a mission?

Type 4 Confessional # 1: I said I liked boys who could dance. Gabriel got up and walked out of he room. When he came back he was wearing every dance sport medal he has ever won around his neck.

Type 4 Confessional # 2: Abraham after long silence told me he thought I was beautiful. That must have given Brigham some courage, because then he added, "yeah I used to think you were so cute, and then I was like no, she's too good for me."

The rest of the evening turned out to be one giant confessional from each of us.

Tactic # 5 : Total unabashed admiration

Type 5 Confessionals:
"Derk, I love you best when you're playing music and writing songs"
"Gabriel, I love you enthusiasm for life!"
"Abraham, I love how you're always taking care of people."
"Brigham, I love your impenetrable sense of self worth!"

"Lindsay, you're our favorite"


  1. So are you going to date any of them?

  2. Yeah I want to know the answer to that one too!! This is gutsy Lindsay! I'm impressed with the kind of people who can just go up to someone and ask for their number or ask them on a date because that is SO not me. So this then is obviously incredibly impressive.

  3. Lindsay- this was hilarious, and a nice commentary on the dating games that happen at BYU. Nice work.

  4. I love this concept! I think your pictures do a great job of capturing everyone's personalities, too. I think I might like them better in color, though, since it would be more vibrant.

  5. I like the methodical sleuthing... very entertaining and intelligent. The pictures were fun because they make the viewer understand the way people present themselves... especially in regards to the dating scene. The charisma shines through... and even a little ego. Good job.

  6. lol. Wow, I can't believe you had the guts to do this. Way to be confident. I like the facial expressions in the photos. Esp Brigham is really priceless.

  7. I like the pictures and i don't think you went wrong with black and white. I've been in my share of college housing; there's not an apartment out there that's well enough lit to get great color photos indoors without some serious lighting work. I also think the black and white adds to the feeling of the scientific methodology.