Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Topographics: Skyline

An excerpt from "Benjamin Banneker Helps to Build a City"

by Jay Wright

Over the earth,
in an open space,
you and I step to the time
of another ceremony.
These people, changed,
but still ours,
shake another myth
from that egg.
Some will tell you
that beginnings are only
possible here,
that only the clamor of these drums
could bring our God to earth.
A city, like a life,
must be made in purity.


  1. There's a nice aesthetic and overall unity to this series. The gas station stands out since you shot at such a close range in comparison to the others and it's less saturated. I'd maybe like to see that one taken straight on and from further out like the rest?

  2. interesting introduction... kinda puzzling actually. but, your composition recreates the new topographics feel perfectly. i think the gas station is the best photo, but it is a little less cohesive to the whole.

  3. i really love how much sky you used in your pictures. my favorite picture is the first one with the train--something kind of ugly cutting a clear path across the beauty of nature.

  4. I love the vast open skies and the vast open grounds... i think it fits your title and idea really well... I love how well you captured the blue sky as well.

  5. these are amazing and beautiful. i love your idea of capturing the sky with a little bit of ground and human invasion.

  6. beautiful! so new topographics. I love how there is a large emphasis on the sky in these photos.

  7. I think that permitting the sky to be such a dominant piece in each photo, you effectively capture the intended feeling of humankind's impact on the world around us. One of my favorites.

  8. Wow, seriously these photos are incredible. The last one is definitely my favorite.

  9. I love this essay, especially the first photo. Very graphic, very cool.

  10. These were really pretty and stayed true to the New Topographics feel. That's pretty difficult to do. Well done.

  11. I like the feel in the second one. i think it was smart to take it from far away to really give us a feel of the surroundings or lack there of.

  12. I love the proportion you give to the sky in these pictures. It gives a sense of hierarchy. Great work.