Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cueillez, cueillez votre jeunesse!

I have not been having very much “fun” this semester. I’m really focused on school and doing what needs to be done without really enjoying my BYU experience. I feel like I’m learning everything in my syllabi and nothing else. I wanted to get going and start really enjoying my life in Provo more but I didn’t know where to begin. So I took the ideas of others. Every day I would ask someone what I should do that day, and then I did it.

I was not particularly excited about doing some of the activities I was assigned, because I didn’t feel like they were very “me”. Every day I was living the ideas and imagined activities of someone else, living many different people’s days. I was in the imagination of a 12 year old boy on Monday, a hopeless romantic on Tuesday, a show-off on Wednesday, a silly yet classy person on Thursday and a sports guy on Friday. Despite my reluctance, at the end of week I realized that I genuinely enjoyed every activity that I participated in, and in a small way - j’avais saisi ma jeunesse {I had seized my youth}!

Asked Facebook
Assignment - (12 year old responded) u should light a bonfire in your backyard

Asked classmate
Assignment - You should dance in the rain with your husband

Asked stranger in the Wilk
Assignment - Do a cannonball off the diving board in the Richards Buildings

Asked best friend
Assignment - Let’s go to Starbucks and wear mustaches

Asked husband
Assignment - Work on your tennis game


  1. I love this. What a good idea. Good work!

  2. The photos are really well thought out. The perspective, the lighting, the variety, I love it! I think I may do this sometime just for fun and to spice things up a little!

  3. This is a great concept. It immediately feels so like Sophie Calle for me. It involves you deeply yet remains whimsical.

  4. Your photos are so strong Cassandra! I love all of them! I especially like the first and second pictures, the first one is just great, and the second has such great lines and tells a great story...

  5. Absolutely love the first picture!!

  6. I love that each photo has so much character. The diving board shot has a pseudo-HDR feel to it. The fact that all of these photos are taken mid-action gives it an even stronger feeling of 'jeunesse', a time defined by doing things.


  7. i love the idea itself! but it is stylistically well documented and presented.

  8. I really love this idea and I absolutely love all of your photos. I think my favorite one would be the one of you and your husband dancing in the rain, but I love all of them. Good work.

  9. great concept, and it was pretty gutsy... i mean what if someone would've asked you to do something absolutely nuts, would you have still done it? and the photos are all very nicely composed.

  10. I think I want to blow the first picture up and frame it on my wall. The colors are perfect. The other pictures in here are great to. Such a cool and unique idea

  11. great concept and photos. the whole essay is very engaging.