Saturday, February 27, 2010

Darby Jocelyn Bower

Since birth, I have lived a double life. To my family, I will forever be Darby. To all other who know me, I am Jocelyn. Here is the story of who I am, told by those who know me best.

Have you seen the movie, TRUE GRIT? It is a classic John Wayne movie that I saw twenty-five or more years ago that had a young girl, named Darby, who played a tom-boy in the movie. She rode alongside John Wayne and had an endearing role in the film. A few years later when my wife and I were expecting our second child, we discussed names for boys and girls. After deciding on the sweet, feminine name of "Jocelyn" for a girl, I commented that I wanted a name that could apply to a girl that might be athletic, a little more rugged—a basketball player, a tom-boy. I connected with the character from the movie and got my way when our second child was born and was a huge baby girl! The name Darby Jocelyn Bower became official on the birth certificate but "Darby" never has become the name of choice and has seldom been used by anyone outside of family.

-Dave Bower, Dad

When we were little, I used to call you Darby because it was the most awesome name ever. Plus, you always fake cried when I would call you it and you were annoying so you deserved it.

-Dustin Bower, older brother

You are my Darby only when you are stubborn and naughty, like a woodpecker, and I think that Darby is a hard sounding word, a tough nut to crack, certainly pertaining to a woodpecker who can crack wood without splitting its skull. You who must have the last word, You, who always drives forward with great velocity and force, you are a mighty hard skull to crack, aptly named DARBY.

love love love, mom

-Cheryl Bower

Jocelyn is comfortable with herself. She often hangs around the apartment in a t-shirt, socks and her underwear.
-Tara Anderson, college roommate

Who is Jocelyn? Jocelyn is a MAN EATER. Enough said.

-Lindsey Villalobos, former college roommate

Some things about Joce are just plain obvious. She commands the room when she walks in and wall-to-wall charisma. … She will stop you in your tracks. Before you know what has happened you have fallen in love with her. You will want to be next to her and hear her opinions and her stories. And this is before you hardly have gotten to know her. She can hold her head high when the weight of the world tries to push her down. She is my best friend.

-Mckenzie Fogg, best friend since high school


  1. I like how introspective your project it! its interesting to take such a look at ones self

  2. I like your concept and I like how you are looking at yourself from other people's point of view. The pictures do a good job of showing what each person said, too. Nice job!

  3. Amazing use of socks. No seriously. Also, photo 3 captures a depth of character that I love, though I wonder if that's because I know you... Either way, awesome.

    I think that showing the multiple facets of your personality and identity as typified through your name is a wonderful concept. The fact of the matter is that *I* felt involved in the story because I reflected upon my middle name, and when it was used, and why my parents chose it.