Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turbo Slim-and just in time!

With a wedding coming up in 12 days, it was important for me to get into great shape. Unfortunately, I was far from it. One weekend, my fiancee watched an infomercial for a program called Turbo Jam. It promised miraculous results through a strict diet and natural exercises that worked all the muscle groups in the body at the same time. The before and after pictures were striking. She simply HAD to have it. Once it arrived, I decided to take a look at it. It promised that if its special jump start "Turbo Slim" program was strictly followed, anyone would lose 10 pounds and 10 inches in 10 days. Well, what did I have to lose? (Pa dum tsh)



BREAKFAST--Waffle with Cottage Cheese, Blueberries, and Turkey Bacon
SNACK--Raspberry Protein Smoothie
LUNCH--Tuna Salad
SNACK--Celery and Peanut Butter
DINNER--Chicken and Snow Pea Stir-Fry on Brown Rice


BREAKFAST--Broccoli Omelet
SNACK--Raspberry Protein Smoothie
LUNCH--Turkey Sandwich
SNACK--Cottage Cheese and Paprika
DINNER--Salmon, Asparagus, and Salad

DAY 3BREAKFAST--Tomato Omelet
SNACK--Raw Almonds and Dried Cranberries
LUNCH--Roast Beef Ruben and Salad
SNACK--Strawberry Yogurt Protein Smoothie
DINNER--Chicken Burrito with Rice and Beans

DAY 4BREAKFAST--Cottage Cheese with Raspberries
SNACK--Pear and Low-Fat Cheese
LUNCH--Turkey Avocado Sandwhich or Wrap
SNACK--RAspberry Protein Smoothie
DINNER--Halibut, Broccoli, and SaladDAY 5BREAKFAST--Scrambled Eggs with Turkey
SNACK--Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie
LUNCH--Chicken Pita
SNACK--Peanut Butter Toast
DINNER--Steak, Brussels Sprout, and SaladDAY 6BREAKFAST--Feta, Black Olive, and Tomato Omelet
SNACK--Fruit and Cheese
LUNCH--Turkey and Hummus Pita
SNACK--Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie
DINNER--Grilled Ahi Tuna SaladThe Grilled Ahi Tuna Salad turned out to be a complex procedure in which I even had to make my own dressing. It was worth it. One of the best dinners of the 10 days.DAY 7BREAKFAST--Breakfast Burrito
SNACK--Strawberry Protein Smoothie
LUNCH--Chicken Salad
SNACK--Cottage Cheese and Tomatoes
DINNER--Pork Chop and AppleDAY 8 BREAKFAST--Cheese and Tomato Omelet
LUNCH--Salmon and Salad
SNACK--Strawberry Protein Smoothie
DINNER--Chicken with Peas and Carrots DAY 9 BREAKFAST--Cottage Cheese and Raspberries
SNACK--Mango Yogurt Protein Smoothie
LUNCH--Chicken Curry
SNACK--Celery and Peanut Butter
DINNER--Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs
DAY 10 BREAKFAST--Broccoli and Feta Omelet
SNACK--Celery and Peanut Butter
LUNCH--Turkey Burger
SNACK--Yogurt with Kiwi and Flaxseed
DINNER--Chicken Pita It wasn't all just a good diet, oh no. The Turbo Slim regiment included a work out for all ten days. There was no way to lose 10 pounds that fast with just eating right. So I had to don the "Sculpting Gloves" and kick it Turbo Jam Style.

And here is Shalene, my coach and mentor. She is a true inspiration...


I actually lost 15 pounds, and here I am on my wonderful wedding day.


  1. Wow 15 pounds? That's impressive. However, despite Shalene and your weight loss, day 5's food looks disgusting and I am not sold on Turbo Trim. Congrats though on your success.

  2. Fifteen pounds in 10 days! Way to go! But I agree with Jocelyn. There is no way I would try this diet! I really impressed in the amount of time and involvement you had with this project. The idea of being completely subject to a crash diet is insane, but very creative. Good job!

  3. Wait... you REALLY lost 15 lbs? Even so, the food looks aweful...hats off for pulling this off though!

  4. Maybe I'm weird, but I thought the food looked great for the most part. Maybe just because there's so much green-- especially the brussels sprouts-- and I've been craving salads and vegetables lately. I think my favorite part of this has to be the exercise video, though. One of my roommates has turbo jam, and I think the video is so funny and typical for a workout video. I like the project a lot.

  5. nice work - yes, 15 pounds is most impressive. I love the amount and color of the photos - just looking at them makes me crave healthy foods. This is one project that everyone should try!

  6. The food looks disgusting...but bravo! Good story and implicating yourself in this project.

  7. How many people can credit a photography class with helping them lose weight? I thought I had heard all the ways to lose weight before, but this is new to me. Detailed and involved. Good job at focusing on all the foods, not just a picture or two.

  8. I think the food looks good. Some of the after shots are a little blurry. Fun idea.

  9. Wow, I really wish there was some way you could have included a clip of Turbo Jam so we all could all be inspired. Great project, but taking pictures of everything you eat for a whole 10 days, what a pain. That's dedication man. And congratulations on the wedding, it looks great.

  10. this is really a good diet.. this blog really helps a lot.. maybe ill try this one ill see if this works for me..


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