Thursday, April 15, 2010

Face it: we all love a good makeover story -Jessica Sheridan

It is a rather well-known fact that women always open their mouths to apply mascara.

There's something in the fiber of a woman's face that contorts her features into ridiculous expressions as she undergoes the ritual of applying makeup. Honestly, has a woman ever paused to take note of her gaping trout-mouth and bug-eyes as she lengthens her lashes? I think not. And have they given any thought to the menacing appearance of eyelash curlers that they so trustingly latch onto their faces? I doubt it. Females armed with blush brushes and eyeliner pencils are determined and focused individuals. They don't have a single moment available to appreciate that transformative stage between the "before" and "after" image in the mirror. This photo series provides a look at those fleeting moments of facial manipulation that are too often overlooked.

photo final photo final-2 photo final-3
photo final-4 photo final-5 photo final-6
photo final-8 photo final-9 photo final-11
photo final-12 photo final-10 photo final-13
photo final-15 photo final-16 photo final-17
photo final-18 photo final-19 photo final-20
photo final-23 photo final-22 photo final-24
photo final-25 photo final-26 photo final-27


  1. Fun idea. I like the process photos. Maybe just a little overexposed?

  2. very interesting subject, and way to "implicate" yourself and all of the female race.

  3. girls are weird.... :) I love how all your subjects are so tired in the first photo and seem to look more awake by the end, although I don't know if they really are or if thats why they put on makeup...

  4. No closed mouths. Agreed Alex!

  5. I like that it is overexposed. I think it makes it appear a little more fake and what is faker than makeup?

  6. This is a fun essay. I like serial nature of the images. good action shots.

  7. The facial expressions are the best part of this essay. It's really funny how we contort our faces to put on something to make us look better (at least, that's the goal).

  8. The series of photos composition makes it really interesting to look at.