Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Topographics - Lucy Millward

I have always found ghost towns to be very intriguing. People settle a land and mold it into a town and within a short period of time, the town dies. People leave for some reason or another, usually to settle another land, one with more potential, and leave the remains of a once booming town behind.

The city of Echo was settled in the late 1800s and in less than 75 years, the city's population was dwindling to the point of becoming a ghost town. As I walked around this abandon city, I was amazed by all the little stores that once served as the convenient store, gas station, and motel, but now each one of them holds nothing more than a "closed" sign. I saw one car drive by the entire time that I was photographing. He stopped to see if I needed help. I explained to him what I was doing and he told me all about the city of Echo. I asked him if it had changed a lot since he was a kid and his response was "Way!"

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