Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final Project - Warner Nielsen

We often hear the phrase "If these walls could talk..." and then something profound is thought up about what kind of stories the walls could tell us in their many years of existence. I find it interesting that walls are not the only objects that have stories to tell but everything surrounding us could tell a different story. What better place to find an assortment of objects than DI? I decided to go to DI and purchase 8 different objects and here I tell their story (the story that they might have told could they talk).

1. The Ice Cream Scoop

This ice creams scoop was purchased by a female sophomore to furnish her new apartment. She lived in Helaman Halls the previous year and mostly ate ice cream at the Cannon Center or the Creamery on 9th where scoops were already provided. This particular scoop labored many scoops of ice cream which equals many nights of roommates gathered around the kitchen table to wallow in their tales of love life woes.

2. The Trophy

Alexandra Taylor made the Varsity Girl's Basketball team for her High School but never got to play. She decided to play for the Junior Jazz Basketball league and made it to the playoffs with her team. She twisted her ankle with 03 seconds to go in the game that would send her team to the championship game. She had to sit out the rest of the game. Her team was counting on her to make the buzzer beater shot, instead they lost by 1 point. Her team took third. The pain was too great. The trophy was too much of a painful memory.

3. The Tea Kettle

Grandma loved heating up water for her morning tea. Her grandson, little Jonny just watched the Disney movie Aladdin for the first time. Grandma's tea kettle looked too much like the genie's lamp. Little Jonny had a brilliant idea and took Grandma's kettle. Jonny was upset when he realized that genie's don't really live in a lamp (or tea kettle) and threw the lamp in his toy room. Mom thought that the tea kettle would be a cool flower pot, until she realized it wasn't really that cool.

4. The 110 Film Camera

(This camera didn't have much of a story to tell. Mistakenly thinking the camera was an engineering marvel, the owner realized shortly after he bought the camera that his 35mm film wouldn't fit into the thin, sleek, 110 film camera. Amateurs...)

5. The Ornament

Christmas is a time of giving and sisters are always thinking of each other, especially twin sisters. They both purchased the exact same Christmas ornament for one another. Neither sister really liked the ornament but it was cheap and kind of showed a resemblance of their exactness. Each kept their ornament out of love for the other and not wanting to offend. One Christmas Eve there was a slight earthquake and one of the ornaments fell off the tree and shattered. Good thing they had an extra; maybe that's how their parents felt about them.

6. The Mug

Ahhh Valentine's Day...
Eww break-ups...

7. The Alarm Clock

Despite the early morning racket and relentless torture inflicted upon its owner, this alarm clock is still intact. The owner had good intentions really, 7 AM class... It started out well, but all good things must come to an end. Including that annoying sound.

8. The Plate

Remember the mug?


  1. haha.... I love the stories! :) they're very funny, the constant background and light sources give it a very consistent feel as well. :) great job!

  2. Great stories. I love looking at old junk and wondering what those things have been through. I like the lighting. It makes the objects seem so solitary.

  3. I like this essay. The minimalism in the photos really helps.

  4. I like the concept a lot, and I think your pictures are great. They fit together well, too. Nice job!