Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What happens in Vegas.....

How many Mormons can say they went to Las Vegas for a traditional "Vegas" wedding. I have been to Vegas 3 times for weddings (more just for fun)...but they were all at the temple. I have been on the strip, seen the sights, visited the casinos, but I have never been to a "worldly" Vegas wedding. I was curious to what really happens in Vegas when someone who is not Mormon gets married....so this is what happened for my wife's cousin.

Things kicked off the moring of the wedding with a breakfast at a fancy Italian restourant in the New York, New York hotel. For whatever reason, photography was not allowed. I managed to snap a few pictures with my phone when no one was looking. (in order to keep the photos uniform, I took all of the remaining photos for this project with my phone, mainly because I found out that there are a suprising number of places in Vegas where you cannot take photos so I had to be sneaky more than once)

A couple hours later was the wedding. Go figure, no photos allowed. I shot this one under my arm when all the employees were elsewhere. These chapels are smaller than I had imagined.

And, you don't have a wedding in Vegas without doing things out of the ordinary. These rocks represent their guest registry.

What would a Vegas wedding be without the booze...ok so the bottles said "alcohol removed" but it still tasted like cheap beer. Even outside the pictures were not allowed!

I found out it was a really good thing that this photographer didn't catch me taking this picture as he was the reason no photos were allowed. I think his shirt says everything else we need to know about him.

Two numbers: 607 and 713. The former is the address of the wedding chapel and the latter is this world famous Pawn Shop that has its own TV show on discovery or something. The in-laws couldn't leave without a photo out in front.

What would a Vegas wedding be without a show...the Tournament of Kings to be exact. Guess what...no photography allowed. So, I snapped these when I thought no one was looking. If they saw they didn't say anything.

Why go to Las Vegas if you don't hit the strip? Why hit the strip if you aren't going to do it in style? This is the Ford F-950 limo that we cruised down the strip in. It turns heads like no other.

One schmuck......

Two schmuck......

Three schmcuk, four....it turns out that all it takes in Vegas is one drunk schmuck to make a fool out of himself before more drunk schmucks join in. This was the last stop of the night...or should I say morning....before heading back to the hotel.

I like the way that these pictures turned out...I feel it gives the feel of being in Las Vegas, fast moving and all a blurr....and for those in the group, a little fuzzy when looking back.


  1. Interesting concept. Interesting wedding cake topper.

  2. It's the history channel Josh! Some of these were really surprisingly good knowing they were done by a phone. Somehow it still feels like Vegas even in the pictures without the obvious Vegas stuff.

  3. cool look at a different culture... its funny how many different ways there are to do one thing...

  4. I love that this became (perhaps unintentionally) about where you aren't supposed to take photos. Where the people are.

  5. Vegas culture is so fascinating! I like the concept and the execution on this essay. It would be interesting to do an essay devoted entirely to places you can't take pictures in Vegas.