Friday, April 16, 2010

Jeff Prows - Final Project

From the moment we wake up to the moment we leave our homes, we prepare to present ourselves to the world, to face a new day's challenges. What we do in these precious personal moments and how we do it is, on some level of consciousness, the product of our values and they way they orient our lives. Everything from the time we wake up, to the amount of time we take to get ready, to the order of our tasks says something about our values. Some of us are the early-birds. Some of us are the ones who set the alarm an hour early, hit the snooze fifteen times and are still late. Some of us have to eat breakfast, some of us never do. Some of us shower immediately, some of us rarely do. Some of us are all of these depending on the day. There is something inherent in our mourning routines that describes what matters most to us. What we make time for, is what we value most. Sleep, Hygiene, Food, Time to ponder. What do these make us? How do our values dispose our lives beginning with the very moment of daily consciousness?

And what does it say about us if we are willing to let someone with a camera come into our rooms while we are sleeping?






  1. I think the high contrast in these photos brings an interesting element to the black and white that wouldn't be there in color or normal black/white. It took me a minute, but I like them.

  2. I love the lighting and b&w. it gives them a very graphic, modern art feel because you just focus on the lines. Cool.

  3. I like the arrange ment and composition of the photos.

  4. I really liked the way you set up the image with the collage in the middle. I feel like it successfully tells a story.

  5. I like the concept and the execution of this photo essay. It reminds me of a video project one of my friends did a year ago with her and her roommates. Anyway, the collage portion really drives the concept home, but the final pictures of everyone heading out the door is my favorite part.

  6. I like your concept a lot and I think the pictures do a good job telling the story. The high contrast and the layout makes it visually compelling, too. Great job!