Friday, April 16, 2010

Final - Reflections of Self

This semester I took a course about "Fantastic Literature." Fantastics Literature is closely related to what we might call horror or spooky. One of the major themes or methods of presentation in the Fantastic is mirrors. I thought of all of the interaction in my life with mirrors and reflections. I wondered how differently I might perceive myself through these reflections, or if what I found would be "Fantastic."

I unsaturated the colors in the photos to try to convey the idea of losing life or originality in the reflected world.

New York City - There are windows everywhere. Why not stop and capture yourself as well as what you don't see. Interesting lines on the buildings around and lots of construction.

Rome - A tiny cramped elevator in an apartment building. The photo is a little blurry because of low light, but the repeated image in the mirrors came out spooky.

Hawaii - I lived in a five-star hotel for three days while my plane was fixed. Everything about the experience was surreal. I tried to document everything I found absurd, like a monster room and bathroom for one person.

British Columbia - This one isn't exactly a reflection, but because of the light conditions it came out a little "ghostly."

Park City - A "bluebird" day of spring skiing at the Canyons captured in my goggles. There is nothing scary about this. The lines and curvature added by the goggle lens are documentary.

Washington DC - My reflection behind the names on the Vietnam Memorial. Seeing myself on the mural caused me to think about if my name were in the wall. Each name has such a story that could be displayed like a movie on the mural, just like the moment I was living was in the mural.

Salt Lake City - Wandering the back hallways of the Delta Center where there is machinery buzzing around and low light conditions. I'm just another figure in the shadows, not a multi-millionaire getting ready to perform.

Provo - Who doesn't make sure everything is where it's supposed to be when they walk by doors on campus?


  1. Wonderful concept. I really like the idea of mirror photography on the whole. Loved Park City and D.C.

    As for your comments, perhaps I misunderstood, but *are* you a multi-millionaire? Is that why you travel the globe?

  2. Cool, urban feel. I like the idea. My favorite was the ski goggles.

  3. Interesting concept. The aesthetic quality of the photos is consistent with the theme of the photo essay. I am glad you unsaturated the images.

  4. I like this essay a lot. It might be because I had to talk about the theory of reflection for the oral question on the Fantastique final today, but I think it was a great photography idea. I like the idea of using your reflection to capture you and what's around you simultaneously. It's pretty Sophie Calle, too, which is always a good thing, right?

  5. I really liked the photo of the reflection from your ski goggles and also the one of the Vietnam Memorial. Pretty cool idea.