Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm graduating in just a few weeks. Thus ends the chapter of my life called, "college." In tribute to these formative years and the experiences I've had, I wanted to catalog the places that were the scenes of some of the most pivotal moments of my life. Everyone has their own campus here at BYU. Their own routes to school, their own niche within the massive institution that surrounds us. This is an insight into my journey, my moments. These are the ghosts that I see around me when I walk to and from classes, the places I avoid, the places I love, the places I'll never forget. Those places might look like nothing special to you, but for me, they were the stage on which I became who I am. This is my BYU.

This is where I began. This is where we got caught. This is where we said goodbye. You told me you loved me, then I failed my final. This is where I fell in love. This is where you broke my heart. This is where there was a fire. This is where I never slept.

This is where I became enamored of knowledge. This is where Charles Dickens, Tolstoy and Steinbeck changed my life. This is where I had my favorite T.A. of all time. This is where my niece slept. This is where we would sneak Big Boppers into the movies on Friday.

This is where we played in the leaves. This is where there was a 3 AM, mid-thunderstorm mud fight. This is where we were rebels. This is where there was a tiny snowman. This is where your roommates creepily staked us out. This is where we burned our books. This is where the R.A.s hated us.

This was our inside joke. This was where I came to study and you were there. This is where we made up. This was closer than the HBLL.

This is where I lost my temper. This is a room I avoid. This is why I never take classes taught by grad students. This is why I will never be a famous artist.

This is where I was always late. This is where I loved every moment. This is where I worshiped her. This is where I left behind a dream.

This is where I saw you for the first time after Paris. I was on the phone. We didn't know what to say. I was angry. You were sorry.

This is where I lost my breath every morning. This is where I thought too much. This is where we went on an Easter stroll. This is where you would never leave me alone. This is where I learned my dad loved me. This is where I almost died. Twice.

This is where we danced. You were crying. You sang to me. This is a moment I'll never forget.

This is where I hid. This is where I escaped. This was my secret place.

This is where I was amazed by the handiwork of God. This is where I fell in love with physics. This is where my life changed forever.

This is where I had my favorite religion class. This is where I realized that God is a poet. This is where I decided to serve a mission. This is a place of revelation. This is where I learned what Holy means.

This is where I was challenged. This is where I loved it. This is where I hated it.

This is where we went on a walk. This is where I park. This is where I agreed with Holden Caulfield every winter. This was my gauge of the seasons.

This is where I belonged. This is where I had the coolest major ever. This is where all of the professors were my heroes. This is where I learned more about France than I will ever know about the U.S.

This is where I had one of the most romantic moments of my life. This is where I believed it was finally over. This is where you held me and I was shaking. I couldn't breathe. This is a hallway that I avoid.

This is where we rocked the block. This is where we adjusted from awkward returned Sister missionaries. This is where my standards became unrealistic. This is where I waited twenty minutes for you to return my call.


  1. I love it. Love it. Love it. The opener is so poetic. The pictures make me feel like I've had a glimpse into your soul. :)

  2. What an awesome project! I love this idea so much. It is so personal and the writing is great. It's personal to you so it will probably resonate with everyone, it definitely did with me!

  3. I love everything about it...but I am so confused...weird....but amazing :)

  4. This is so personal. I feel like I know everything about you and yet know nothing at all. I don't know what to say but seriously great work.

  5. I love being human because we can make memories and assciate things and places with specific events... we're lucky... and sometimes not so lucky, it might be easier to forget sometimes... but still, excellent project. :)

  6. Great story telling. It is fun to compare our own live's with that of yours and what you have shared here. There are always similarities and differences. People always make good subjects. I like the photos, but I like the captions better.

  7. I'm glad to hear these experiences because so often we don't stop to notice how significant these places have been for us.

  8. Abby, you have an awesome gift with words and for story-telling. Even just the order of your words sometimes helps me get into your experiences. My friends who saw it said it was awesome.