Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Final-A Piece of Trash

I have always found pictures of garbage both sad and stangely beautiful. Its like modern nature, which is sort of a depressing testament to the human footstep. I wanted to take pictures of garbage in its unnatural habitat for my final project. Here is the final product. This one looks like it is being reclaimed by the ground around it. The color is so faded that it has been a part of the landscape for an obviously long time.
I remember learning that the statue of liberty would decompose before a glass bottle would. Food for thought.

It's not a spearmint lifesaver, its a metal washer.

The three butts.

This is a plate in a river. I don't understand it either.

I like the abstract look of this one.

Garbage, garbage everywhere.

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  1. I also find garbage interesting because it kind of tells a story of who was there before. Also, the whole time I was looking at your pictures I wanted to pick up the trash and throw it away! Nice job.